Java Users Group – Milan, Italy

February 6 2020 | Milan, Italy

On February 6, Azul Deputy CTO and Java Champion Simon Ritter will present at the Milan JUG, featuring ‘Java at Speed: Building a Better JVM’.  Here’s a synopsis of what Simon will cover:

Getting the best performance out of your Java applications can often be a challenge due to the managed environment nature of the JVM and the non- deterministic behavior that this introduces. This session will start by looking at what we mean by speed and how the JVM, whilst extremely powerful, means we don’t always get the performance characteristics we want. We’ll then move on to discuss the three key features of the Zing JVM that address these issues:

  1. The Falcon JIT compiler that leverages the LLVM open source project to provide optimizations specific to the newest CPU architectures using features like AVX2.
  2. ReadyNow, which allows details of speculative optimizations and JIT profiling to be logged on production systems. ReadyNow! profiles can then be used to substantially reduce the warm-up and deoptimization issues that affect performance when restarting an application.
  3. The C4 garbage collector, which eliminates GC pauses that affect the performance of an application even after all hot code paths have been compiled and optimized.

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