JNation 2019

June 4, 2019 | Coimbra, Portugal

JNation is an inclusive developer conference embracing Java and JavaScript at its core, the two most popular programming languages in the world.

Azul’s Deputy CTO Simon Ritter will present at this event. The title of his talk is ‘From JDK 9 to 12 and Beyond: Delivering New Features in the JDK’. In this session he’ll take a look at the rapid evolution of the Java platform with the introduction of new features in each of the recent releases: • JDK 9: Java Platform Module System • JDK 10: Local variable type inference • JDK 11: JDK Flight Recorder • JDK 12: Switch expressions.  He’ll also cover many of the smaller features that will make your life as a developer easier. What might JDK 13 and 14 include? To answer that question, he’ll explore some of the longer-term plans for Java, such as project Amber, Loom and Valhalla.

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