10/14/2016 | St. Petersburg, Russia

It’s going to be the fourth Joker conference in Saint Petersburg.

We focus on people who are already well familiar with Java. Comprehensive and technically sophisticated sessions guarantee a high level of competence of our audience.

The just-in-time compilers in the Java Virtual Machines make sure that the Java code you wrote runs as fast as possible and that the implicit and explicit checks do not compromise the performance. What are the mechanics of decision making within JITs and what happens when those turn to be wrong? The talk will cover the profile collection path, code transformations and the various interfaces to influence the JIT including the ReadyNow technology from Azul Systems.

Azul Systems will be represented by Ivan Krylov and Gil Tene

Ivan has been involved in JVM and compilers development for over a decade, recently has been focusing on JIT compiler infrastructure in Zing virtual machine at Azul Systems. Ivan is a regular speaker at events and other Java conferences in Europe.
Gil Tene Azul Systems
Twitter: @Giltene Gil Tene, Azul Systems
Gil Tene is CTO and co-founder of Azul Systems. He has been involved with virtual machine and runtime technologies for the past 25 years. His pet focus areas include system responsiveness and latency behavior. Gil is a frequent speaker at technology conferences worldwide, and an official JavaOne Rock Star. He pioneered the Continuously Concurrent Compacting Collector (C4) that powers Azul’s continuously reactive Java platforms. In past lives, he also designed and built operating systems, network switches, firewalls, and laser based mosquito interception systems.



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