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Webinar: July 2022 – The Latest Java Security Update

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There are scheduled updates to the Java SE platform four times a year: in January, April, July and October. These potentially include patches for security vulnerabilities that have been reported and fixed.

In this webinar, Simon will review the vulnerabilities addressed in the July update to help you determine how critical it is to deploy it into production. Details of the CVEs and the CVSS values will be provided as well as a description of the impact on a system.

Because of the sensitivity of this subject, we will only be discussing publicly available information. Although Azul is represented on the OpenJDK Vulnerability Group, no details will be disclosed from the working of this group.

Date:  Friday, July 22
Time:  10 BST/11 CEST or 11am PT/2pm ET

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Hosted by:

  • Simon Ritter, Java Champion and twice awarded Java Rockstar status at JavaOne

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