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JVM Language Summit

July 30, 2018 | Oracle Auditorium, Santa Clara, California

Azul CTO Gil Tene will be speaking at the JVM Language Summit on the topic of cross-run information considerations in JVMs.  Various recent (and several upcoming) features of JVMs demonstrate a common wish for cross-run repeatability of information that has historically been local and ephemeral within a running instance. Class data sharing, profile sharing, externalized JIT’ing, compiled code stashing, and even AOT all share a common sensitivity to run-to-run variability in symbol and value choices, order, and relationship. In this talk, he will cover specific examples of relevant behavior found in HotSpot based of JVMs, including reflection, lambda expressions, class loaders, and other runtime code generation patterns. Gil will discuss solutions to issues found, and their impact on some desirable metrics.

Gil Tene’s talk is scheduled for 4:00 PM on July 31st.

You can view the entire agenda here:


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