Topconf Linz March 2017

February 28 - March 2, 2017 | IM OÖ KULTURQUARTIER, OK Platz 1 4020 Linz, Austria

Ivan Krylov (@JohnWings), Azul Sr. Software Developer, will be presenting at Topconf Linz on the two topics listed below.

What to expect from Java 9:
Java 9 is about a half of a year away. It will contain implementations of about 80+ new proposals. This talk covers the syntax of java modules, tools for modularization of end-user code and the layout of existing java 9 modules. The talk will also cover the language changes and the key jvm enhancements in Java 9.

Lifecycle of a JIT compiled code:
The just-in-time compilers in the Java Virtual Machines make sure that the java code you wrote runs as fast as possible and that the implicit and explicit checks do not compromise the performance. What are the mechanics of decision making within JITs and what happens when those turn to be wrong? The talk will cover the profile collection path, code transformations and the various interfaces to influence the JIT.

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