07/19 – 07/22/16 | Denver, CO


ÜberConf will bring together many of the industry’s best project leaders, developers, authors, and trainers. Topics include: Java 8, Microservice Architectures, Docker, Cloud, Security, Scala, Groovy, Spring, Android, iOS, NoSQL, and much more. Azul’s Douglas Hawkins (@dougqh) is one of the speakers and will be presenting on Thursday, July 21, 2016 on the following topics:

  • 09:00AM Concurrency Concepts in Java
  • 11:00AM Measuring and Profiling Java Performance
  • 01:30PM Java Optimizations That Matter (and Some That Don’t)
  • 03:15PM Architecting with Garbage Collection in Mind
  • 05:00PM How HotSpot Sees Your Code

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