W-JAX 2014

11/3/2014 | München, Germany


Speaker: Daniel Witkowski, Azul Systems
Session: JVM and Application Bottlenecks: Troubleshooting with Simple Tools
Date: 4 November
Time: 16:45 – 17:45

Abstract: Frequently developers spend a lot of time and energy trying to find performance bottlenecks and hotspots that prevent applications from scaling in production. There are commercial tools available that can help with diagnosis but often they introduce monitoring overhead and all features cannot be used for business critical applications. Moreover, synthesis tools only take into account a narrow range of potential problems and do not correlate events with operating systems or hardware. This session will demonstrate how to use free and open source tools as well as system software to find application problems quickly, without using commercial tools. Typical problems include: being unable to optimize application configuration (extensive logging, too small / big pools), application hotspots (synchronized sections), performance hotspots (critical functions), and JVM problems (garbage collection, memory management). After this session you will be able to pinpoint potential problems and performance issues of your application that cause critical scalability issues.

For more on speaker sessions visit here: http://jax.de/wjax2014/speakers

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