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Webinar – Avoid AOT, Justify JIT: Java Compilation in the Cloud

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Ahead-of-Time (AOT) native compilation provided by GraalVM is praised for faster start-up times. But it may not be your best solution.

With AOT you lose out on dynamic compilation decisions: the ability for the compiler to make optimisations within the JVM. Adopting AOT may also drain your developer resource – for example, through having to rewrite applications in a non-Jakarta-EE framework, or in adjustments made because the Graal compiler is not fully Java compatible.

In this webinar, Azul’s Simon Ritter and Payara’s Steve Millidge discuss AOT vs. JIT Compilation and how this applies in your modern cloud native or hybrid environments.

Date: Wednesday, September 28
Time: 8:00AM PT | 1600 BST

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Hosted by:

  • Simon Ritter, Azul
  • Steve Millidge, Payara

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