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Feedzai Partners with Azul Systems

Feedzai, a data science company that uses real-time, machine-based learning to analyze big data to make commerce safe, is now an Azul Certified ISV partner.

Commenting on the certification, Nuno Sebastiao, Chief Executive Officer of Feedzai, said: ““The real-time analysis of data to prevent fraud in the financial industry is key to predicting and preventing fraud. It’s almost impossible to have ultra-low latencies—in the range of 5-10 milliseconds with a standard JVM—and our customers demand that. Azul powers the largest banks in the world and with peak load demands of up to 50,000 transactions per second, Zing will help ensure that we can deliver the best that artificially intelligent machines can offer.”

Feedzai Fraud Prevention That Learns™ technology fuses big data and machine learning to allow analysts to predict and prevent electronic payment loss in real time based on behavioral analysis and understanding of the way consumers behave when they make purchases, online, in-store or from mobile devices. The software uses big data, including mobile and social data streams, to create deep learning profiles for each customer, merchant, location or POS device, product, with up to a three-year history of data behind it. This data helps acquirers, issuers and retailers mitigate risk, guard every transaction and preserve the customer experience.

To learn more about Feedzai, visit www.feedzai.com. To request a free evaluation of Zing, visithttp://www.azul.com/trial.

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