Gil Tene, Azul CTO and JavaOne Rock Star, headlining three epic sessions at JavaOne 2014

Gil Tene will present three technical sessions during the JavaOne conference from September 29 to October 2, 2014. JavaOne, which takes place in San Francisco, brings together Java experts and enthusiasts for a week of learning and networking focused on all things Java.

Gil Tene’s presentations will be on ‘Faster Object Arrays’, ‘Understanding Latency and Response Time: Pitfalls and Key Lessons’ and ‘Understanding Java Garbage Collection’. ‘Faster Object Arrays’ will cover the APIs and design considerations behind them and will demonstrate the performance benefits of intrinsic implementations. ‘Understanding Java Garbage Collection’ will review and classify various garbage collection techniques available in today’s JVMs and‘Understanding Latency and Response Time: Pitfalls and Key Lessons’ will explain common pitfalls encountered in measuring, describing, and reporting latency and response time behavior, as well as demonstrating the use of recently open-sourced tools which improve latency measurement and reporting.

Azul Systems will also have a booth (No. 5106) at the conference where delegates can learn more about Zing®, Azul’s high-performance Java runtime and Java support options. This will be located in the Hilton Hotel Grand Ballroom Exhibition Hall. Major product innovation announcements will also be made at the conference by Azul.

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