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Retail & e-Commerce

Azul improves customer experiences by improving
the performance of your Java-based systems.
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Deliver the experiences customers want.

Solve performance problems with Azul Platform Prime to provide great customer experiences across selling channels, handle increased transaction loads with ease, and support advanced big data analytics—using existing hardware and software without coding changes. 

  • Ensure consistent response times

    Eliminate the risk of Java-caused application stalls, user timeouts, and crashes to ensure a consistent experience across channels.

  • Increase transactions

    Convert more users based on better personalization and site speed.

  • Leverage more real-time data

    For better decision-making, more advanced features, and engaging personalization.

As the leading food delivery platform in China, experiences peak load periods during lunch and dinner every day. With Azul, we reduced hardware use by 50% and decreased the number of Java instances by 75%.
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How does Saks do it?

Learn how Azul customer Saks Fifth Avenue gained “tremendous improvements in performance and response time consistencyby implementing Azul Platform Prime. 


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Why Taboola switched
to Azul.

Learn why Taboola switched to Azul to power its discovery & advertising platform which serves 30B recommendations daily to customers.

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Improve payment processing.

Bolster security of point-of-sale devices, detect fraud at high speed, and assure compliance with PCI-DSS standards with Azul.

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How can you ensure security across your online fraud detection infrastructure?

Learn why Azul Platform Prime is the best JVM for fraud detection and ensuring secure identity authentication.

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Azul powers
the modern cloud enterprise.

With the Azul Platform, you can provide great customer experiences across all selling channels, handle increased transaction loads with ease, and support advanced big data analytics systems, all with existing hardware and software, with zero coding changes.

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