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Deliver rich new experiences with less infrastructure.

For 20+ years, Java has powered businesses across the wireless sector. Now, Azul is revolutionizing the network with JVMs that deliver consistently better performance.

  • Superior throughput

    Deploy network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) solutions with highly efficient utilization.

  • Infrastructure elasticity and agility

    Keep up with the allocation rates supported by modern servers without application-level stalls, pauses, or jitter.

  • Reliable operations

    Ensure consistent performance of OSS/BSS, meet strict service-level and regulatory mandates, and hit performance targets for M2M and IoT.

[Azul] is ideal for real-time networking, and by removing the shortcomings of Java such as inconsistent response times and application jitter, enables service providers to focus on new revenue models and innovative new mobile offerings.

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From payment processing to digital marketing to predictive analytics—Azul enables today’s business-critical capabilities, for less.

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