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InfoQ: Oracle Announces First Java 9 Features

Ben Evans has just published a new InfoQ article on highlighting early new enhancements of the Java platform for Java 9. Ben’s article highlights three new APIs and three specific performance-related features

Per Ben’s article, the proposed Java 9 APIs include:

Process API Updates for interacting with non-Java operating system processes, New HTTP Client that includes HTTP/2 support and a new lightweight JSON API. The latter is expected to build upon the JSON support already standardized as part of JSR 353.”

“There are also three JVM / performance related features announced: Improve contended locking for better performance when threads are competing for access to objects,segmentation of the JIT compiler’s code cache (for better JIT performance on large applications) and further development of the “smart” Java compiler, sjavac, which promises parallel and shared compilation amongst other features (”

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