Digital businesses need high-performing applications to retain customers and grow revenue. With IT budget, supply chain, and inflationary pressures rising, IT executives should focus on delivering great customer experiences that drive business value while controlling cloud costs.

So, where will the funds come from to improve the customer experience? How can IT address both challenges simultaneously?

IDC explores how a Java optimization platform can be the silver bullet you need to address today’s IT pressures to improve performance of your applications and control cloud costs.

Learn how a Java optimization platform can:

  • Speed up the startup of Java applications
  • Improve scaling and runtime performance
  • Reduce the number of cloud resources needed in the environment

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Optimizing Java Application Performance for Improved Business Outcomes and Cloud Cost Efficiency

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"Published and publicly available APIs are the 'tip of the iceberg': They represent a minority (sometimes as little as 15%) of the APIs produced by an organization. Most of the API attack surface consists of APIs used by web and mobile applications, API-to-API traffic (such as microservice traffic), and APIs exposed to employees or partners."

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