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Cost Effective JVM with enhanced Java Performance, Fast Warmup, Predictable Latency and Improved Scalability.

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Reduce Operational and Engineering Costs with Zing

Zing is the JVM for all production use cases. With Zing, you can meet your application service levels consistently with fewer servers or Cloud instances and drive 2-5X more transactions through your existing infrastructure without breaking your SLAs.

Benefits for IT & DevOps Team:

Better Performance

Built with LLVM technology, the Falcon JIT compiler for Zing delivers deep optimization.

Pauseless Execution

Azul C4 Collector has solved Java’s GC problem. Stop fighting application timeouts, GC pauses, stalls and jitter.

Faster Startup

With ReadyNow!, Java applications start up faster and STAY fast.

Surprisingly Low Pricing

For the same number of servers, typically Zing costs less than Oracle Java SE.

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“With Zing we were able to significantly reduce the amount of infrastructure that we need to support our applications and significantly reduce the response times.”

– DevOps Engineer, BazaarVoice

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