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Azul Platform Core (formerly Zulu) provides a flexible alternative to Oracle with no lock-in risk. 
There’s a reason Azul has a 100% customer satisfaction rating: our relentless focus on helping customers stay secure and unleash the true power of Java.

Our relationship with Azul began seven years ago when together we brought open source Java to Microsoft Azure. Azul is well-positioned to assist the Java community with building, migrating and scaling apps in the cloud.

Amanda Silver

CVP of Product for Developer Tools, Microsoft

Michael Thalhammer

Head of Software Development,
Commend GmbH

Azul Platform Core was a drop-in replacement and migration has taken less than three months. Had we known how seamlessly and smooth the process would be, we would have switched from Oracle Java to Azul much earlier on.

Ariel Pizetsky

VP of IT, Taboola

Our success is important to the Azul team. We never feel like we're pushed into a corner. When we have questions, we get answers. And when we need help, we get exceptional support.

Why choose Azul for Java Support?

Secure Updates

An impeccable track record of secure Java updates.

Quick Response

Azul’s dedicated, 100% Java-focused support team is always there when you need them. Enterprise-grade support without the wait times.

Industry-leading OpenJDK Support

Our experts quickly resolve problems ranging from application triage and root cause analysis to out-of-cycle patches and security issues. 

Multiple Java Version Support

Production-quality support for Java 8,11,13 and 15 plus older java versions like Java 7 and Java 6.

Delivering massive scale & performance to

Are your Java support costs holding you back? This whitepaper outlines how to drive down Java support costs while ensuring secure, stable operations.


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