Elias Atmeh

Elias Atmeh

Vice President of Systems Engineering

Elias brings more than 25 years of experience in developing large scale systems and switches to his role of leading the Systems Engineering and Operations teams at Azul. Previously at Azul, Elias was Senior Director of System Design, where he led the development of multi-processor and highly scalable server appliances.

Prior to Azul, Elias was Director of Hardware Engineering at Afara Web Systems where he led the development of multi-processor bladed systems, and prior was engineering manager at Brocade communications where he was responsible for the development of multi-port Fibre channel switch systems. Prior to Brocade, Elias held various positions at Sclumberger, architecting custom ASICs used in high speed waveform generators, and managing the development of large scale memory and VLSI test systems.

Elias holds MSEE and BSEE degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from California State University at Northridge. He has been granted three patents in computer and server technology.

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