Hear why customers love Azul

Simon Ritter
Simon Ritter
Deputy CTO at Azul
Tim Davis
Ariel Pisetzky
VP IT at Taboola

Taboola switched to Azul and got better performance, costs, and support.

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Azul. Happiness, Guaranteed.

The largest company 100% focused on Java and the JVM (second to Oracle)

  • 100%satisfaction with the best global customer support in the industry
  • 100%equal to Oracle Open JDK, with more backports than any other vendor – and 50%-90% less costly, especially for cloud deployments
  • 100%open source, TCK tested and fully standards-compliant Java
  • 100%committed to open source and the Java community

Azul’s explosive growth opportunity

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Facts to Love about Azul

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(actual customer quotes from a recent third-party study*)

  • “I would recommend Azul to anyone who wants to get started or switch from Oracle.”

    “I’ve had a great experience on support and pricing. They are quick responding to issues, active in the Java community, and reactive when there is a bug.”

  • “Azul JVM totally outperforms Oracle for low latency applications.”

    “Their performance is by far the best out there.”

    — CEO

  • “One of the big benefits of Azul is its strong support and the optionality of the level of support you want to receive.”

    “Customers perceive Azul as really trying to work with them to find the best solution that fits their business needs.”

    — VP, Global Information Security

  • “Azul is a real challenger to Oracle.”

    “It is more agile in that you don’t have to pay for as many bells and whistles that you might not actually use, and it’s much cheaper as a total cost of ownership.”

    — CEO

  • “I have recommended Azul and am continuing to shift our new applications and applications that we are modernizing to Azul.”

    “We are very happy with the product, the price, and the support. The real benefit of Azul is that you can use it absolutely everywhere.”

    — CTO & CIO

  • “Azul is financially a no-brainer.”

    “Also, if there is a critical issue with malware, Oracle would take 2-3 days to respond, whereas Azul’s response rate is 2-4 hours.”

    — Manager of Enterprise Architecture

  • “We want to be working alongside a partner that is pushing forward the technology in order to provide the best possible software.”

    “IoT, cloud—these are relatively nascent spaces and we want to have someone to call to figure out how to always make the technology work best for us as we learn and they learn.”

  • “Oracle has this large system for support where you have to file cases and eventually have to escalate.”

    “It’s very slow. Azul is fast at getting back to us and working with us to solve any issues we may face.”