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OKI Signs Up Azul

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. has signed an OEM agreement which enables it to integrate Azul’s open source products into its software platform. OKI chose Azul’s technology due to its flexible pricing model and industry-leading support offering.

Based on OpenJDK, Azul’s open source solutions currently ship in millions of embedded devices and are built to meet the specific configuration requirements for a given device or application. Azul’s runtimes are standards compliant, fully certified by Azul, and require no licensing fees. Azul’s runtime products support processors based on the ARM v6, v7 and 32-bit v8 architectures, as well as 32-and 64-bit x86 processors.

A. Nogami, Manager at Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd, said: “We ran Azul’s open source solution in a pilot and were very impressed with the support provided by the Azul technical team. Moving forward, we have great confidence that Azul’s cost effective technology will enable us to innovate and bring new solutions to market.”

Scott Sellers, president and CEO of Azul Systems, said; “Through this agreement OKI developers and product managers gain access to a 100% open source, ‘drop-in’ replacement for their legacy runtime platform. Azul Systems is committed to updating and evolving its embedded solutions to meet the specific requirements of OKI’s evolving go-to-market strategies.”

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