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OpenJDK Migration

A Decade-Plus of OpenJDK Migration Expertise. Documented, Distilled and Open Sourced.

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Software migrations are notoriously challenging. With OpenJDK they can be notoriously simple.

Here you will find all the information you need for a successful migration.
Read our guides and download free tools and templates.

Prepare to Migrate to a New OpenJDK Distribution

Prepare to Migrate to a New OpenJDK Distribution

OpenJDK Migration for Dummies eBook Cover

OpenJDK Migration for Dummies

Your OpenJDK Migration Questions. Answered. 

Where can I find a Java update calendar?

Updates to the JDK are released on the third Tuesday of January, April, July and October. You can find a schedule at 

Who offers SLAs for security-only builds?

You receive security-only builds on a firm SLA from Azul. Only Azul and Oracle currently offer security-only builds.

Who supports JavaFX?

You can receive commercial support for JavaFX from Azul and BellSoft.

OpenJDK Migration for Dummies Webinar Series

In the 3-part OpenJDK Migration for Dummies Webinar Series, we simplify the process of why and how to migrate from Oracle JDK to OpenJDK. 

What Happens When I Don’t Migrate 

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Tools and Techniques for a Faster Migration

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OpenJDK Migration Stories: From Dismay to Delight

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Migration Tools & Templates

Inventory Template

Capture all the relevant inventory details. Then filter and collate to expedite your migration

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Application Owner Survey

Augment automated inventory scripts with an application owner survey and identify all JDKs currently in use in your organization.

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Applets Worksheet

Collect the info you need to debug issues that may arise with applets and learn about applet alternatives.

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Web Start Worksheet

Use this step-by-step guide to install IcedTea-Web, an open-source alternative to Web Start.

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Project Plan Template

Get a head start preparing for your migration with this project plan template.

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Migration Stories

Reduced Java licensing fees
by 80% by migrating to
Azul JVMs.

Elevated security and stability of customers’ enterprise Java deployments.

Boosted their customer relationships by eliminating the need to buy JDK licenses.

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Getting started is easy.

Azul migration advisors are available throughout North and South America, Europe, the Mideast, and across the Asia-Pacific region.