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Lower Cost, Greater Security, Better Java Support

Alternative to Oracle Java SE – Azul Zulu EnterpriseTM

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The same secure JDK foundation as Oracle, at often 50%-90% less cost!

With Azul Zulu Enterprise you get timely security updates, great Azul support, and 100% open source Java from JDK 6-14. All at price points substantially below Oracle, with much less compliance risk.

Better Pricing

Azul Zulu Enterprise simply costs much less. See the Azul Price Savings Calculator

No Strings Attached

Azul Zulu is 100% open source – no proprietary licenses or field of use restrictions.

Security-Specific Update Patches

Azul Zulu ‘CPU’ Updates handle severe critical vulnerabilities as soon as they are published.

Support When You Need It

Get quarterly and out-of-band security updates and bug fixes with an industry-leading support SLA.

Compare Azul Zulu EnterpriseTM vs Oracle Java SE

Feature Azul Zulu Oracle Java SE
100% Open Source – no restrictions, no hassle
Security-only updates for immediate deployment
Production-quality support for Java 8, 11, 13, and 14 PLUS older Java versions like Java 7 and Java 6
Advanced product enhancements, e.g. Monotype Fonts, Java Flight Recorder, JavaFX, TLS 1.3
Dedicated global Java support team
Affordability: Saving one Fortune 500 customer $40m over 5 years
Simple licensing, flexible subscription options

What Do Others Say About Azul Zulu Enterprise?

“Our relationship with Azul began seven years ago when together we brought open source Java to Microsoft Azure……. Azul is well-positioned to assist the Java community with building, migrating and scaling apps in the cloud.”

Microsoft Logo

Amanda Silver

CVP of Product for Developer Tools at Microsoft


“We’ve also deployed Zulu Enterprise in order to leverage Azul’s commercial support for our entire Java environment.”

Priceline logo

Ken Kirchoff

Sr. Director of Enterprise Architecture, priceline.com

“At Software AG, we have used Azul Zulu as well as other products for over a year, and we can say first hand that our customers have remained wholly satisfied with the quality of the Zulu JDK.”

Software AG Logo

Dr. Gudrun Gelfand

Senior Director R&D at Software AG

“Azul provides a well-supported, reliable and secure Java JDK and runtime that we use in many of SAS Institute’s products and solutions. The satisfaction of thousands of SAS customers demonstrates the quality of the Zulu JDK and Azul as a great Java support partner.”

SAS Logo

Sam Penfied

SAS Product Manager

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