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Azul Zing® Saves Enterprises $2M Over 3 Years.

“C24 SDO technology compacts traditional complex XML messages down to tightly packed binary and wraps them with an ultra-efficient Java API, in most cases reducing the memory footprint for stored data by well over 10 times. The data can be searched or queried with very little object creation but the applications and solutions built on this technology run in Java and the only way to make that work with the sort of SLAs our clients need is with a technology like Zing.”

John Davies

CTO and co-founder of C24

C24 Technologies

Financial Services

C24 Technologies is a software company specializing in financial services messaging and integration solutions. Companies worldwide significantly decrease the time and costs for integrating financial standards and systems using C24’s data interoperability tools and pre-built standards libraries. Comprehensive support is provided for over 40 industry standards including SWIFT MT-MX, ISO 20022, FpML, FIX and SEPA.

C24 Technology has partnered with Azul to deliver an in-memory Financial Products Markup Language (FpML) storage solution which combines C24 Integration Objects (C24-iO) SDO message compaction Technology with Azul’s pauseless Zing® runtime for Java.

With Zing, accessing FpML data in memory is dramatically simplified. Zing supports up to 340 GB in a single instance, allow in-memory data grids which host the FpML data to scale with substantially fewer, but larger, nodes, simplifying configuration and management. Because Zing has a pauseless garbage collector, response time consistency is guaranteed, not matter how much in-memory data is used, ensuring real-time reporting of OTC derivative data. With this new solution, organizations can serve far more users, handle more transactions and deliver real-time response on the existing hardware and software stack without changing a line of code.

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