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"Our vision is to deliver a cloud platform that enables customers to deploy production applications in the cloud. By teaming with Azul Systems we are able to offer a high performance Java runtime, which is a key requirement in industries such as financial services, where customers can benefit immensely from Zing’s elastic memory, pauseless operation, and zero-overhead monitoring."

Mike Soby

president and CEO, CumuLogic



CumuLogic has built a complete Cloud Application Platform (i.e. Platform-as-a-Service-enabling software) for running applications in the cloud – not just developing applications, but migrating them to the cloud, managing, monitoring, and metering them. CumuLogic’s platform transforms virtualized environments and Infrastructure-as-a-Service clouds to high-value PaaS, leading to increased developer productivity, greatly simplified application lifecycle management and lower operating costs for applications in private, public and hybrid clouds.

CumuLogic and Azul are combining CumuLogic’s Java-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) enablement solution with Azul’s memory-elastic Zing® runtime to create a new best-of-breed cloud application platform. This new platform gives enterprises, ISVs and cloud providers dramatically improved operational efficiency for Java applications in the cloud over conventional PaaS-enablement platforms.

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