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“Our enterprise customers implement demanding use cases with dotCMS and depend on it to run their business. Deploying on Azul’s Zing enhances the scalability, responsiveness and reliability of dotCMS and assures deployments can deliver consistent, low latency response times regardless of user load.”

Will Ezell

CTO of dotCMS



DotCMS is the next generation of Enterprise Content Management Systems (CMS). It is quick to deploy, open source, Java-based, has open APIs, and is extensible and massively scalable. DotCMS can rapidly deliver web sites, multi-channel sites, mobile apps, intranets, online campaigns — ALL types of content driven web experiences – without calling in your developers. DotCMS is Java based and standards driven, making customizations and integrations simple for web development teams to implement.

DotCMS has partnered with Azul Systems and recommends Azul Zing® for their customers experiencing Java garbage collection issues. Zing allows dotCMS deployments to deliver consistent response times during peak loads and speeds time-to-market through simplified deployments.

DotCMS and Zing Technical Resources

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