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“Our clients develop complex, proprietary algorithms, and want to bring them to market in the shortest time. For those financial institutions which need that extra speed, the addition of Zing provides the answer.”

Jean-Marc Delfarguie

Horizon founder and CEO

Horizon Software

Financial Services

Established in 1998, Horizon Software provides global financial institutions with a high-performance, comprehensive electronic trading platform for cash and derivatives markets, from an execution management system to market making and algorithmic trading. The system is scalable and easy to install.

Zing® is a certified JVM for Horizon deployments on Linux, providing increased application productivity and business efficiencies to new and existing customers.

The combined solution offers users of Horizon’s Electronic Trading suite improved low latency predictability, guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and exceptionally high sustained throughput. Without changing the application or hardware environment, Horizon Software customers will profit from an enhanced high-performance, consistent trading environment, capable of handling future business growth.

Horizon Software/Zing Technical Resources

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