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"One of the key Azul stand-outs for me is its C4 garbage collection technology. It ensures consistency of response times – the ideal result when analyzing garbage collection impact on an application. Azul’s technology also recognizes more subtle performance influencers such as queuing on the network, which is highly impressive as other JVMs do not do this. If you ignore these subtleties you end up with results which are misleading and ultimately could impact business results.."

Ben Evans

CEO, jClarity


Tools and Monitoring

jClarity is a lightweight, intelligent performance monitoring tool, built with the cloud in mind that can also be used in the enterprise. It is designed for use by busy technologists – whether you are the application owner, a developer, in operations/devops, or a QA member.

In this partnership, jClarity will optimize their tools for Azul’s Zing® and will recommend it to customers as a component of its Cloud toolkit.

Azul Zing/jClarity Technical Resources


“As the representative for the London Java Community on the JCP Executive Committee, I met Azul Systems and quickly recognized the benefits of the solution and how it complements the performance analytics of jClarity. Both companies specialize in Java and fully appreciate how predictable performance levels can deliver tangible commercial results.”
– Ben Evans, CEO, jClarity

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