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"Neeve's X-Platform is a Java-based, memory-oriented computing platform that is built for very low-latency operation. Performance is paramount for our ultra-low latency customers, and we're excited about Azul's new Falcon JIT compiler providing us with another important tool to deliver better, more responsive performance for our customers."

Girish Mutreja

CEO, Neve Research

Neeve Research


Neeve Research delivers a next-generation application platform that uniquely combines service-oriented application design, event-driven programming and grid-oriented deployment/management in a manner that enables the agile development and management of highly available, transactional multi-agent applications with extreme performance and scalability characteristics. Initially focused on message-driven application (e.g. CEP) in latency-sensitive environments, the X Platform provides message streams in a high performance, fault tolerant, parallelized and transactional manner. The system requires very large heaps and consistent low latency to five ‘9’s.

Neeve Research has chosen to ship Azul Zing® as part of their platform. Zing is the only JVM that allows the X Platform to utilize large heaps with consistent low latency. Including Zing ensures a great customer experience using the X Platform by guaranteeing response time consistency across a wide range of coding frameworks and customer use cases.

Azul/Neeve Research Technical Resources

Neeve was an early supporter of Zing’s Falcon JIT compiler and was featured in the Falcon launch press release.

For additional information visit the Neeve Research website.

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