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Ontology Systems is revolutionising how telecommunication network operators get to know their networks. We replace expensive and fragmented views of your network with affordable, comprehensive and dynamic panoramas so you can truly know your network.

Ontology Systems was founded in 2005 by Benedict Enweani (CEO) and Leo Zancani (CTO) to radically reduce the cost, risk and effort of joining up data in the IT and network estates of Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

CSP day-to-day operations require interaction with a huge range of extremely high-variety data, and this interaction needs the data to be joined-up in order to present a cogent picture of the business, its assets and operations to the processes that form the CSP.

Because of the wide variety, the cost of joining the data up represents a staggeringly high proportion of CSP operational costs, and the rigidity and brittleness of present-day solutions to the problem fundamentally limit the agility of the business, making it hard to compete against ever more nimble emergent players.

Ontology Systems’ products are based on its Ontology 5 graph-search data alignment and linking platform which uses new ways of representing and storing data to radically reduce the cost and risk associated with joining up data from multiple, misaligned sources and understanding its quality.

Ontology’s Intelligent 360 for Network Operators product line employs this capability to build a comprehensive end-to-end Dynamic Network Topology Model and use it to drive tools for Network Troubleshooting, Customer and Infrastructure Navigation and Change Management.

Ontology Systems is proud to count some of the world’s largest telecommunications companies amongst its customers, including a number of Vodafone Group companies, Telenor, Telkom South Africa and Level 3 Communications.

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