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“Speed, scale and latency are essential for trading, gaming, gambling and other near real-time systems with large numbers of concurrent interacting participants expecting a consistent predictable performance profile. These benchmark results demonstrate the value of selecting Diffusion with Azul’s Zing."

Darach Ennis

Chief Scientist, Push Technology

Push Technology

Financial Services

Push Technology is an innovative software company that delivers scalable, bi-directional, real-time data interaction over the internet to any connected device, regardless of geography. We are passionate about technology and its application to business and critically, how it can be cleverly applied, at minimum impact, to realise massive gains in business performance and deliver live Data on Demand.

Push Technology’s flagship communication product – Diffusion™ – enables large-scale smart data distribution that goes beyond the edge. Diffusion™ unlocks the true potential of today’s multi-channel, constantly connected world to help organisations realise meaningful, valuable and personalised exchanges.

Through Push Technology, organisations with demanding real-time two-way communications requirements can now successfully redefine the boundaries of their Internet performance and ensure that the right content is delivered to the right user at the right time, on any device, platform or applications, regardless of connectivity or location.

Push Technology and Azul Systems have partnered to combine complementary products and technologies. With Push Technology Diffusion deployed on Azul Zing®, financial services, gaming and data services companies that are dependent on accessing or distributing high frequency, real-time data can now leverage a high performance platform for delivering consistent and interactive client experiences that are independent of message size and data rates.

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Push Technology

“From our testing, it was apparent that Zing shines by removing latency outliers and application delays from Diffusion’s real-time streaming workloads. If you need guarantees of low to no JVM pauses then Zing absolutely delivers.”
– Darach Ennis, Chief Scientist, Push Technology

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