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“The relationship with Azul benefits our customers by providing a complementary solution that enhances our offering. We are extremely pleased to extend this capability to all SEEBURGER customers, so that they can focus on providing value to their business with our Business Integration Suite, instead of having to worry about the underlying technology.”

Matthias Feßenbecker

Chief Technology Officer, SEEBURGER AG


Financial Services

JAVA provides a highly optimized platform-independent runtime for our Business Integration Suite. After investigating recent changes in the release management and licensing of Oracle JAVA under the light of the end of public support for JAVA 8, SEEBURGER realized that these changes would leave the majority of their customers vulnerable on an unsupported version or in a situation where they might need to purchase additional licenses from Oracle.

To take this burden off their customers, SEEBURGER decided to strategically invest in a commercial agreement with AZULwhich aligns with the release of SEEBURGER BIS 6.7, running on JAVA 11. Due to this agreement, all will benefit as part of their existing maintenance contract from a fully maintained JAVA Version which SEEBURGER will ship bundled with their software January 2019 onwards, replacing Oracle JAVA.

SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite– Your Comprehensive Platform for Digital Transformation All you need is one single platform – the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS)– to implement digital business models and to universally interconnect all areas of your business. The Business Integration Suite controls and automates any form of data transfer for all integration scenarios:

MFT– Secure transmission of sensitive data between systems and people

API/EAI– Connect applications and Cloud-Services in real-time

B2B/EDI– Exchange of business documents in accordance with industry standards

IoT/Industry 4.0– Embed machinery, plants, and products into business processes

E-Invoicing– Digitalization of inbound and outbound invoices

ERP/SAP– Connect any ERP system seamlessly, take advantage of our deep SAP Integration

No matter the interface or data format, no matter which standard or communication protocol – you will successfully master all integration and management requirements for the digitalization of your business processes with the modular integration platform by SEEBURGER.

You will receive one homogeneous, complete solution from one source – without additional third-party purchased software components. Secure your company with SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite, giving your company a competitive advantage! More than 10,000 companies worldwide already power their connections with SEEBURGER BIS as the engine of their digital transformation.

For additional information visit www.seeburger.com.

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