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Presenter: Azul Engineer Michael Roeschter
May 2020

The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) has passed the initial hype phase and is now witnessing wide-scale adoption. The ability to collect more fine-grained data in real-time provides for significantly greater control and improved efficiency in many industrial processes.

In this webinar, Azul Engineer Michael Roeschter explores how Java can be used throughout the whole IIoT environment, from edge device to the data center.

He looks at the challenges faced in each architectural segment as well as the tools, frameworks, and techniques that can be used to optimize the development of high-performance solutions.

Using an example use case of agricultural production, he shows how Java can be deployed in an end-to-end process to:

  • collect fine-grained information from drone sensors on harvests, soil quality, and soil degradation
  • capture and aggregate soil moisture indices from satellite imagery with weather information
  • run predictive analytics on servers and in the cloud
  • optimize and control smart equipment, such as fertilizer dispensers and harvesting equipment

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