Have your Oracle Java costs gone through the roof?
Join the hundreds of 😊 customers who have made the Switch to Azul.

Presenter: Azul Deputy CTO Simon Ritter
April 2020

In this webinar, Java Champion Simon Ritter outlines how Oracle has changed the licensing of their JDK, meaning that long-term support (LTS) for commercial Java use is no longer free. Fortunately, the OpenJDK project has emerged as a viable option and provides the source code for releases back to JDK 6. However, to deploy Java requires a binary distribution to be built from OpenJDK source code, of which Zulu is one.

Simon also discusses what the essential aspects are of a secure, production-ready Java distribution; IP rights, standards and certification, TCK testing, security patches, CPU and PSU updates, backporting and bug fixes.

After watching this webinar you’ll have a clear picture of how Zulu Enterprise provides a very cost-effective alternative to the Oracle JDK with identical, if not better, levels of support.

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