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Speaker: Matt Schuetze, Product Manager, Azul Systems

Abstract: The Java Virtual Machine represents a key foundational technology at the heart of the Java industrial ecosystem. OpenJDK remains the central open source project from which most Java Virtual Machines and additional Java tools emanate, In September 2013, Azul Systems announced the Zulu effort jointly with Microsoft OpenTech, with Zulu joining Zing as JVM offerings from Azul. Zulu is an integrated component available when building Azure cloud VMs.

In this presentation, Matt brings a mostly Microsoft audience up to speed on Java. He covers the history and milestones that outline the saga of Java since its invention. He also provides a novel viewpoint of the Java Virtual Machine as the core of the Java universe with six different point cuts across factors like Java code transformations, life cycle,  platforms, editions, and vendors. Matt then explains Zulu, a new OpenJDK distribution built by Azul for use on Azure and other Windows platforms. He shows how Zulu in its first release supports garden variety application workloads same as other common JVMs, but with direct integration into the Azure platform configurator.

The live event occurred at Microsoft OpenTech’s Azure Open Source in the Cloud workshop, November 27, 2013 in Warsaw, Poland. After the presentation, the question and answer period focused almost entirely on developer use cases, and asked what Zulu provides to aid developers. After recapping that Zulu can be used on bare OSs, on virtualization hosts, or in the cloud, discussion led into the Zulu roadmap, where tools and tricks from Zing will through subsequent Zulu releases grow up to be shared across both JVMs.


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