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OpenJDK vs Oracle JDK – Comparison Table

Should you replace Oracle JDK with OpenJDK?

The answer depends on which features and capabilities are most important to your organization. The tables below summarize the differences between popular JDK options. The first table focuses on JDK Builds and the second table on expert engineering support for those builds.

Product & Features

Products and Features Azul Oracle Corretto Red Hat Eclipse Temurin

Based on OpenJDK

100% Open Source, Freely Available,
no field of use restrictions

TCK Tested
(guaranteed Java SE compliance)

Patent Grant
(inherited patent rights to use the JDK)

Free Quarterly Updates
(single build combining security & enhancements)

Performance Parity
with Oracle Java SE

(Windows, Linux, macOS, Solaris)

Native Alpine Linux (musl libc)

Multiple Installers & Packages
(tar, deb, MSI, DMG, JDK/JREs)

Java Flight Recorder and Mission Control (for Java 8)

OpenFX (JavaFX)

LTS (Java 8, 11, …) and non-LTS versions

Java 7 Extended Support

Java 6 Extended Support

32-bit Support

Java Web Start and Applets

Commercial Support Services

Java Offerings for the Enterprise Azul Platform Core (Support for) Oracle Java SE Amazon Corretto Red Hat OpenJDK Eclipse Temurin
Azul Zulu Builds of OpenJDK Eclipse Temurin

Wide Variety of Support Platforms and Environments

(AWS only)

(RHEL/Windows only)

24x7x365 Support
(1-hour SLA)

SLA for Quarterly Updates

(guaranteed timely access)

Security-only Quarterly Updates

(fit for urgent deployment)

Out-of-cycle Critical Fixes

(independent from OpenJDK)

Commercial Support

Production Lifecycle

8 years
(+2 years)

6 years

5 years
(+3 years)

6 years

6 years

6 years

Advanced Product Enhancements

(e.g. Fonts, JFR, TLS 1.3, FX)

Dedicated Global Java Support Team

Engineering capacity to root-cause & fix bugs

(independent from OpenJDK)

Patent and Non-Contamination Indemnification


Non-Contamination Certifications and Source Code “Cleansing”


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