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The jHiccup performance measurement tool is an Open Source tool developed by Azul CTO Gil Tene that provides a quick picture of your applications as they run in production.

jHiccup generates “hiccup charts” that quickly show the latency inherent in your system, to the 99.9999th percentile.

Hiccup charts also show the system latency across the entire test interval. At Azul we use jHiccup to quickly show the impact of Zing on live applications. jHiccup has minimal overhead, is written in Java, and it is free.

Download jHiccup here


Or get it from GitHub here.

Key Functions

  • Create and analyze response time profiles
  • Easy to monitor existing apps
  • Also profiles the response time of your underlying infrastructure
  • Download the jHiccup data sheet

A better way to measure peak latency


Understand Jitter’s Impact on your App

  • Track the scale of your jitter
  • Helps ID root cause of stalls
  • Create base case profiles of your infrastructure


jHiccup performance measurement tool is 100% Open Source


Download jHiccup

.tgz or .zip
Comes with a graphing tool for Microsoft Excel®

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