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Traditional Host-Based Architecture

The rapid adoption of Java and J2EE platforms and other virtual machine-based applications has caused a proliferation of application host servers in the data center, presenting IT organizations with the increasingly complex challenge of cost effectively provisioning and managing hundreds of servers without compromising system availability, utilization, and service levels.  Click images to zoom




With Azul
To meet this challenge, Azul Systems introduces network attached processing, an innovative way to deliver massive amounts of compute power to enterprise Java applications, enabling organizations to achieve the same consolidation benefits in the application tier that they are already enjoying in the web and data tiers.

Network attached processing allows virtual machine based applications that are initiated on a general-purpose application host server to tap the processing power of a specialized compute appliance within a compute pool. Instead of running on the host server, the virtual machine and the application are shifted to the compute appliance for execution while all interfaces to clients, databases, and host operating system services remain on the host server. This innovative capability is enabled by Azul Virtual Machine technology.

Applications running on the compute appliance functions exactly as they would on a host-based JVM. The only difference is in the amount of available resources and the improved processing efficiency that is achieved through network attached processing. With capacities of up to 864 processor cores and 768 GB of memory in a single, coherent shared memory system, compute appliances enable creation of an application processing infrastructure that can handle fifty or more applications and thousands of concurrent process threads.

Network attached processing is a new and innovative approach to data-center management, delivering massive compute power to business applications while reducing the management complexity of today’s server farm. By providing traditional host servers with a shared compute pool of mountable ultra-high capacity Azul Compute Appliances, network attached processing provides virtually unlimited processor and memory resources for the Java-based applications.


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