With Zing® you can deliver a better customer experience, reduce Engineering costs, and ensure consistent Java performance. Zing is proven in a wide variety of use cases including ecommerce, capital markets, search, Cassandra, and Kafka.


Built with LLVM technology, the Falcon JIT compiler for Zing delivers deep optimization.


Azul has solved Java's Garbage Collection problem. Stop fighting Java GC pauses, stalls and jitter.

Warm-up? Solved.

With ReadyNow!®, Java applications start up fast and STAY fast.

Easy Adoption

Download Zing today and see the impact of a better JVM on your business.

Java applications run better with Zing

Java applications power global businesses. Organizations want better reliability and sustainable performance across their Java portfolio. We built Zing purposefully for server applications carrying the heaviest loads running under tight responsiveness requirements. With fielded uses across capital markets and exchanges, e-commerce, telecom, electric utilities, retail banking, and gaming, Zing® proves its value around the planet every business day.

Zing Use Cases

The beauty of Zing is that it is “just Java”

Don’t throw away working code or existing developers. Zing lets you use Java in areas like low latency or big data often left to C or C++ and custom frameworks. With Zing you access the full power of Java, Scala, and dynamic JVM languages without changing your code or architecture.

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A better JVM means better application metrics

Zing is a JVM with better metrics enabling sustained performance, fast warmup and predictable latency without GC pauses. Zing is a compliant implementation of Java Standard Edition 8, 7 and 6 and is equally at home in your data center or on the Cloud.

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Benefits for your IT and DevOps teams

Choose Java SE 8, 7 or 6

No changes necessary to your Java code, JARs, frameworks, or programming style. Zing looks like any other JDK.

Pauseless operation

Fast allocations with no Java garbage collection issues, plus up to 2TB live Java heap per JVM instance

Simplify application readiness

Adaptive GC means far less time spent JVM tuning. Solve Java warm-up problems with ReadyNow! cumulative optimization

Supports all major Linux distros

Choose Red Hat Enterprise Llinux, Red Hat MRG, Amazon Linux, Oracle Linux, Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS

Fits your Production Operations

Bare metal, virtualized, AWS cloud, and SaaS architectures. Lightweight diagnostics, plus JMX endpoints

Unmatched support and ecosystem

24x7 Technical Support team is tightly integrated with Azul Engineering, driving faster problem resolution

Pricing that's simple

Zing® is priced on a subscription basis per server (physical or virtual). With per-server pricing, you don’t need to worry about core counts, memory size, or number of instances deployed per server. The single license annual subscription price for Zing is $3500 USD per server, with significantly lower prices for higher volumes and longer-term subscriptions. Please contact us to learn about the special pricing available for start-ups and companies with $25 million or less in annual revenue, and for ISVs and manufacturers looking to embed/integrate Zing with their products.

Are you an Open Source Developer? Renewable 1-year Free Zing subscriptions are available via our Zing Open Source Program. Start using Zing with your Open Source project today!

The ISVs listed below are part of a growing partner ecosystem crossing many industries and use cases.

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Check out the Zing FAQ or visit the Resources page for a complete list of Zing® solutions, white papers, infographics and more. Open Source Developer?  Check out our Open Source program.

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