Seeing is believing, so give it a try.

1. Use Azul Inspector

Take a snapshot of your Java runtime configuration with the free Azul Inspector tool; this step makes the testing process easier. Send your results to Inspector data triggers an Azul Engineer to be assigned to you.

2. Establish your goals

Confirm your business and technical goals and success criteria.

3. Get your free Zing trial

Register for a free trial of Zing. (Most trials are complete within 2 weeks.)

4. Install Zing.

It takes about five  minutes.

5. Tune your app.

During the trial, work with your assigned Azul Engineer to optimize and tune your app and environment to achieve the best results.

6. Test it.

Review your Zing trial results against your technical goals and ROI targets. Finalize your business case and technical case for purchasing Zing.

7. Deploy it.

Finally, purchase Zing subscriptions, engage Azul for the Zing Quick Start Service, and deploy.

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