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Zing® is the new Java performance standard. It is a Java supercharger that lowers peak latency and delivers response time consistency — and in some use cases increases throughput 2-3X on existing infrastructure. Whether your applications require machine to machine level (microseconds) or user interactive (milliseconds) average response time, Zing beats other JVMs when demand is most critical. Download the Zing Performance eBook here.

Machine-to-Machine (µsec) Low Latency

  • Proven to deliver consistent latencies in the 10s of microseconds
  • C4 technology eliminates garbage collection as a factor
  • Requires no special coding practices or changes to existing application code
  • Reduces Java/JVM tuning to very few parameters
  • Speeds time-to-market for new algorithms and applications
  • Frees developer time for innovation

Machine-Level Low Latency Resources

Latency comparison
Zing delivers consistent ultra-low latency

Web-based apps (msec) Consistent Java Performance

  • Delivers max latencies under 10 msec out of the box, without tuning
  • Eliminates garbage collection pauses – allowing your in-memory data to grow without sacrificing performance
  • Delivers consistent response times, even under heavy load
  • Reduces JVM tuning to very few parameters
  • Supercharges analytics, advanced selling features and recommendation engines
  • Speeds time-to-market for new features and applications
  • Allows you to deploy your best developers on new features vs. JVM tuning

Web-Based Application Response Time Resources

Zing Java performance
Zing delivers far lower peak latency
in Web-based interactive apps


Ready to see how Zing can help you deliver consistent Java performance for your workloads? Download Zing today! 

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