224% ROI and payback in under 3 months for Azul Zing.
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Slash your Java support costs as much as 90%!
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By reducing or eliminating the need for JVM tuning, Zing transforms the economics of Java development and operations. Instead of spending time tuning and re-tuning your Java infrastructure to fix production glitches, you can focus your best people on adding more value to your business and launch new initiatives. Zing has been proven to deliver a rapid ROI simply by improving the efficiency of development teams—allowing you to handle new application features and more growth—transforming the human capital equation within your business.

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Good developers are scarce.

  • There’s a worldwide war for talent
  • Developers are the new kingmakers
  • Their innovation drives value

Scale by eliminating JVM tuning or re-tuning.

  • Grow from 1 GB of memory to 8 TB — whatever is required 
  • From 2 cores to dozens of cores
  • Just set -Xmx high and go

Developers seek challenges.

  • Build new features and apps vs. fixing glitches
  • Innovation drives your business
  • Stay leading edge, don’t look backward

Recapture lost creativity.

  • Deploy new features faster
  • Build more, test and tune less
  • Keep your best people engaged
  • Change the ROI of Java development

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