If your Java-based application forces you to combat stalls, freezes, and jitter, or you have formal or informal service-level agreements for Java application response time, then Zing® is the ideal JVM for your operation.

Zing makes it possible to eliminate almost all of the garbage collection (“GC”) tuning that is necessary with legacy JVMs. Tuning garbage collectors can be tough, and making sure you are making the right choices among dozens of flags and settings is iterative and problematic. Even once you tune your way to peak performance, a change in user traffic or a code revision can throw off tuning parameters.

When you run your business on Java-based architectures, there is a better JVM alternative: Zing. For additional details, check out the Zing FAQ. Are you an Open Source Developer? We make Zing available to you via our Open Source Developer Program.

Take GC tuning off the table–Forever

  • Zing doesn’t use obsolete GC technology – the Azul C4 collector can NEVER “stop the world”.
  • No need to re-architect your application – use the working Java, Scala, and custom code you already have.
  • No need for additional JVM add-ons or off-heap kludges – Zing just works.
  • Zing is fully Java SE compliant – it meets the standards and passes the tests for Java SE 8, 7 or 6.
  • Plus, your peak latencies and outliers get much closer to your average latency.

Deliver consistently better latency–24 x 7 x 365

  • Deliver the same level of performance at the 99.9th percentile as at the 90th.
  • Meet the needs of trading systems, matching engines, customer portals, and other peak-latency-sensitive apps.
  • Zing’s ReadyNow! technology solves the Java warm-up problem. No more stalls at market open.
  • In tuned low latency applications, see peak latencies in the 1-3 millisecond range (with average latencies in the microseconds).
  • Move from multisecond (or worse) interactive pauses to a few milliseconds – quickly.
  • Zing also delivers consistent performance for Web-based workloads, messaging and analytics, and JVM-based data platforms.

Better capitalize on your existing infrastructure

  • Zing will take advantage of memory in modern Intel hardware, as high as 2 terabytes per JVM process.
  • Carry more user traffic on existing infrastructure, utilizing all available cores and sockets.
  • Reduce deployment and management complexity — use fewer JVM instances to carry same load.
  • Extend the lifespan of older Java applications whose traffic has grown past original design limits.
  • Find – and fix – production performance issues with Zing Vision, an always-on, no-impact diagnostic tool include free with Zing.
  • Plug any Zing-powered application directly into your existing JMX monitoring framework.
  • Leverage Zing in on premise servers, on public clouds like Amazon, using virtualization products like KVM, and in containers like Docker.
  • Use regular Linux distros, spanning stable versions of Red Hat, SLES, Ubuntu, Oracle Linux, and Amazon Linux, plus latency tuned distros like Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime.

Rethink how your Developers use Java

  • Pursue architectures and application designs not practical with existing Java platforms capped by GC stall pain.
  • Consider what your application could accomplish with 8 GB heaps. Or 50 GB heaps. Or 2 TB heaps. All with no extra GC pause penalty.
  • Keep important data on the heap without extra effort working on GC issues or off heap tricks.
  • Use standard Java functions and libraries instead of special-case development frameworks
  • Write Java that looks like Java (or Scala, or JRuby, or Clojure), using skills of the 9+ million Java developers worldwide

Engage with Azul to see how Zing fits for you

  • Complete a Zing trial request to setup an initial fitness review with an Azul presales engineer.
  • If requirements are a match, obtain the Zing download bundle and operator instructions.
  • Walk through a structured evaluation using the Zing Pilot Assist Kit with help from your Azul presales engineer.
  • Proof-test Zing to ensure it meets expectations in a pilot or production scenario. Elect to also engage with a Zing trainer on a Quick Start engagement to bring your team up quickly in learning Zing operation.
  • Witness the predictable performance across your Java application portfolio by rolling out Zing wherever appropriate, whether on premise, virtualized, or in the cloud.
  • After your order, contact the Azul post-sales technical support team for any issues, help with updates, or to answer any questions on how to get the most benefit from your Zing deployment.

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