What is Application Guard?

Application Guard is an optional service available for customers of Zulu® Enterprise support. It is a VIP-level tailored support service for your specific Java configuration. For each Application Guard subscription, you specify the operating system, JVM version and configuration used for your application. Azul incorporates these configurations into its rigorous Quality Assurance processes and tests Zulu releases against the exact OS and JVM combination you specify.Azul’s QA team will deliver a private, tested Zulu download for Java versions 6, 7 and 8 for the platform you specify. With each release, our team will also deliver a summary QA report that specifies the build binaries used and certifies run results for Java TCK compliance and additional Azul testing. This is a unique service offering available only for Zulu Enterprise support subscribers.
  • Guard your application through operating system and/or platform migration (both your mainstream and next gen builds)
  • Guard the longevity of your application development investments on OS deployments you pick
  • Leverage Azul’s over ten years of Java testing experience
  • Use Azul as your repository for stable, tested binaries

To learn more about the Application Guard service, contact us.

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