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224% ROI and payback in under 3 months for Azul Zing.
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Slash your Java support costs as much as 90%!
We make it easy, safe and secure.

Zulu Enterprise — 100% open source Java for Servers and Desktops

We’ve been shipping Zulu Enterprise since 2013, and Zulu Enterprise powers some of the largest Java sites in the world.

As you look at your Java support options, we’ve pulled together many of the key areas where our current customers have told us that we deliver value. We know that not every business is driven by the same goals, and no single use case is likely to be able to take full advantage of every value proposition we’ve listed here. However, we encourage you to explore each topic based on the needs and business processes within your organization.

As you build your case for Zulu Enterprise, please stay in touch with your Azul representative. When the time is right we can introduce you to our existing, delighted customers, and allow you to speak with them directly.

1. Start at the beginning: Zulu Enterprise means lower license and support cost

  • Zulu Enterprise is based on OpenJDK — the open source reference platform for Java SE
  • …and that means that Zulu Enterprise is 100% open source
  • If you’ve used enterprise Java from any vendor in the past, you’ve likely paid for a license plus some sort of support — and if you haven’t been — with Oracle’s licensing and support initiatives, free Java updates from Oracle are a thing of the distant past
  • Zulu is free to download and use — without restrictions (and there are no license charges. Zero. Nada. None.)
  • Zulu Enterprise is licensed under GPLV2 with classpath exception
  • Zulu Enterprise customers also have some added advantages around IP protection and security updates, but we charge solely for support
  • And our support contracts are priced to ensure that you wind up paying less than when you were buying any enterprise Java from any other vendor
  • Still not convinced? Ask our competitors for a quote.

2. Open source Java means you have more options

  • Zulu Enterprise is based on OpenJDK — and the source code is publicly available
  • You won’t be locked-in by any proprietary restrictions
  • You can even take our free Azul Zulu builds of OpenJDK and run them immediately
  • Your application code is yours, and the Java platform is managed by an entire community

3. We support Java on multiple platforms and processor architectures

  • Now Oracle has ended its support for everything except 64-bit X86, Zulu Enterprise is available for 32 and 64-bit X86 plus 64-bit Arm and SPARC
  • Zulu Enterprise runs on Linux, Windows, Solaris, and macOS

4. Plan to support Java yourself? 

  • Some organizations (Twitter is one example) have the resources and skills to do just that
  • We’d like you to consider the cost of a team of highly-skilled engineers who have experience with the internals of the JVM
  • …and understand how to implement Java security patches
  • …and have access to the source of those updates
  • …and have experience with running the TCKs
  • Plus, consider the value these same engineers can bring to your products, instead of maintaining Java platform software

5. You may even notice better performance with Zulu

  • In fact, if your Java application shows worse performance or higher memory usage compared to your old JVM, the Azul Support and Engineering teams will handle this as a bug

6. Java security updates and bug fixes when you need them

  • Chances are, most Zulu Enterprise accounts never call our Support organization (even though they are great, with a phenomenal renewal rate)
  • However, security updates and platform-level patches and bug fixes are essential for any Java-based business — and that’s the value we bring to your product team
  • Zulu Enterprise customers have access to quarterly updates PLUS out-of-band fixes that we identify
  • Plus, changes we make are upstreamed back to the OpenJDK community

7. Our pricing plans are flexible

  • Our goal is to provide you with pricing that makes sense — no hassles 
  • We won’t have you counting CPU cores or struggling with monthly or quarterly reporting
  • We’ll work with you to en sure that Zulu Enterprise makes sense for your operation
  • Plus, we offer desktop-only and server-only pricing plans, see our pricing page

8. Azul is 100% focused on Java and the JVM

  • We aren’t in competition with our customers
  • We believe that Java provides developers a great deal of power, flexibility, and performance
  • We know that there are millions of Java developers around the world — and that they are easier to find than skilled C and C++ developers
  • And we know that by using Zulu Enterprise you can migrate from a proprietary Java platform to 100% open source, without sacrificing performance or security
  • We provide the best runtime environments for production Java applications — from Java 6 and 7 through Java 8, Java 11, Java 13 and 15

9. We have plenty of references 



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