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Azul Zing® Saves Enterprises $2M Over 3 Years.

Dedicated Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are also available for Zulu® Enterprise customers. This unique support option assigns a dedicated technical support engineer to a customer, ensuring continuity of knowledge of the use of Zulu® within an enterprise, hands-on management of cases, and expedited problem resolution.

TAMs provide:

  • Case management
  • Problem diagnosis and triage
  • Assistance in planning and executing Zulu® deployments
  • JVM operational tips
  • Tracking of issues back to OpenJDK bug lists and forward to Zulu® releases
  • Feedback of customer requirements into the OpenJDK project and Zulu® product plans

Key benefits of Azul TAMs:

  • Continuity of case management with technical account responsibility
  • Works your cases as a primary job function
  • Advocates your needs with respect to QA tests and JVM fixes
  • Integrates with your organization as required
Technical Account Managers are a unique Azul offering available for Zulu® Enterprise Elite subscribers.The goal of the TAM is to help you maximize the value of Zulu® to your business. To find out more about this unique support service, please download the TAM service brochure or contact us.

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