Zulu Device API Kit Downloads

Zulu®Device API Kit 

The Zulu Device API Kit delivers optional Java extensions to the base Zulu Embedded JRE for enabling software control over device I/Os and their peripherals. It covers following peripheral devices:

  • General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO)
  • Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus (I2C)
  • Serial Peripheral Interface

The Zulu Device API Kit (“DAK”) is free, and can be added easily to Zulu Embedded as part of your normal software update process. Please review the Terms of Use. By downloading the Zulu DAK you are agreeing to these terms of use and acknowledging that you will comply with these Terms of Use when applying the Zulu DAK to your Zulu Embedded deployments.  Azul will continue to extend the capabilities of the Zulu Device API Kit based upon customer and partner feedback.

To make use of the Zulu DAK, first download Zulu Embedded, deploy on the target device. Then choose the Zulu DAK version below that matches both your operating system and installer (this is very important).

OS Processor/ Reference Board ZDAK Version Java Version File
os image img-responsive X32
MinnowBoard Max
8 8u66
Zulu Device API Kit (Zulu DAK) DOWNLOAD.ZIP
os image img-responsive X32
Intel Edison/Galileo
8 8
Zulu Device API Kit x32 Linux DOWNLOADTAR.GZ
os image img-responsive ARMv7
Raspberry Pi 2
8 8
Zulu Device API Kit ARMv7 Linux DOWNLOADTAR.GZ
Sample Code for Zulu DAK DOWNLOAD.ZIP
Quick Start Guide for Zulu DAK DOWNLOADPDF

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