RedMonk: Widespread correlations across programming-language rankings

On July 15, RedMonk’s Donnie Berkholz published a blog post highlighting the results of the IEEE’s 2014 language ranking study, and compared the IEEE results (which draw upon an additional 12 data sources, with his work at RedMonk.

According to Berkholz:

“The strongest correlation on the chart, interestingly, is the 0.92 found between Twitter conversation and Google trends. Apparently, people talking about programming languages in real-time chat tend to also search for what they’re talking about.

The other very strong correlations (above 0.85) are:

  • Google: trends and search. Nothing surprising here.
  • Job sites: Dice and CareerBuilder. Nothing surprising.
  • Reddit and Google trends. Discussion about current topics seems to correlate with interest in finding more information about those topics.
  • Twitter and Google search. The 0.88 here is slightly below the 0.92 between Twitter and Google trends. Most interesting about this pair is that it shows a connection between conversation and amount of content (# of results), rather than just people searching for what could be a small amount of material.
  • Reddit and Twitter. Similar communities seem to participate across a wide variety of online discussion forums.
  • GitHub created and StackOverflow questions. Because it’s a correlation of open-source usage and broader conversation among forward-leaning communities, this is the one we rely upon for the RedMonk language rankings.”

You can read the rest of the analysis on Donnie Berkholz’ “Story of Data” blog  here »


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