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Project Panama - Seeing It in Action (Webinar)

July 13, 2022

Java developers wanting access to high performance native libraries are often left with the choice of JNI (Java Native Interface). But using JNI requires native wrapper code that's difficult to maintain for each platform or architecture. A new OpenJDK project called Project Panama is an alternative to JNI. It's a pure Java API to access native libraries. Benefits of using OpenJDK’s Project Panama: Pure Java APIs used to access native functions Performance that is comparable to, if not better than JNI Leverage mature and popular native libraries such as TensorFlow, OpenGL, etc. Native access for IoT devices such as Raspberry Pi Access to memory off of the Java’s memory heap Access to SIMD hardware (Vector API) In this second workshop, you'll learn the fundamentals on how to natively allocate and access 

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