Secure, Stable Java - with or without Oracle

Join us for a fireside chat with Azul’s Deputy CTO and Java Champion Simon Ritter and ex-Oracle Java Technology Manager Ariane Mueller where they discuss: 1. Why Java continues to expand 2. When Java support becomes essential 3. Migrating from Oracle Java to OpenJDK  4. How to develop your Java strategy.

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Simon Ritter

Simon Ritter is the Deputy CTO of Azul Systems. Simon has been in the IT business since 1984 and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Brunel University in the U.K. Simon joined Sun Microsystems in 1996 and started working with Java technology from JDK 1.0; he has spent time working in both Java development and consultancy. Having moved to Oracle as part of the Sun acquisition, he managed the Java Evangelism team for the core Java platform, Java for client applications and embedded Java. Now at Azul, he continues to help people understand Java as well as Azul’s JVM technologies and products. Simon has twice been awarded Java Rockstar status at JavaOne and is a Java Champion. He currently represents Azul on the JCP Executive Committee and on the Expert Group of JSR 379, Java SE 9.

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2019年からJavaサポートポリシーが変更されました。 有償か無償かという論議が多く聞かれるようになりましたが、 そのような状況の中、今後どのようJavaの運用を行なっていくのか、 国内外の事例を題材に運用コスト...

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