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Java Developer Resources and Tools


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Open Source Tools

  • jHiccup Tool – jHiccup characterizes response time. It can measure latency between a client and Java application node or within a node. JHiccup aids application testers in avoiding common performance testing pitfalls, such as measuring ‘failing’ behavior of the application, using only the average response time and standard deviation to characterize a system (while ignoring multimodal results), and calculating %iles ‘naively’. Click here to view the jHiccup data sheet
  • Azul Inspector Environment Checker – Azul Inspector is a Java program designed to collect information about a target Java application and its server environment. Developers, IT and performance engineers can use Azul Inspector to quickly determine the JDK version in use, maximum heap size setting and the values of a variety of other setup variables. 
  • LatencyUtils – The LatencyUtils package includes useful utilities for tracking latencies, especially in common in-process recording scenarios, which can exhibit significant coordinated omission sensitivity without proper handling. the LatencyStats class is meant to drop in to current measurement systems with no significant additional coding. It provides under-the-hood tracking and correction of pause effects, compensating for coordinated omission. Download LatencyUtils from GitHub

Technical Information

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